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Lucile Callegari

Inspired by human being, Lucile Callegari paints feminine faces with her entire palette of emotions. Each woman represented in her paintings is unique, particular, aesthetically peculiar and has her own story.

« My work is defined by spontaneity, the expression of the unconscious that materialises on the canvas, the dripping and the projected to end; all in one jet".


To begin the realisation of a canvas, Lucile finds inspiration in a photographed portrait, which serves only as a basis for her succinct drawing with charcoal. When she feels ready for painting, the basic model is set aside so that Lucile paints freely. A new face takes shape as it develops and becomes unique. It is at the end that the artist discovers what the portrait reveals, "guided by her sensitivity". 

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Insta: lucilecallegari

Lucille at work:

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