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Carole Jury

Carole Jury is an international French born artist who lives between the USA and Bangkok. Both a photographer and an  abstract painter, she combines the two medium of expression in her process, starting from photography and then transposing it to painting to create her series with poetic names such as Dark sea, La Vie en Rose or Glimmer of Hope, Time goes by.
Her signature resides in her broad textured  strokes, her ability to capture shadows and lights and her eye for colour with canvases from vibrant reds to calming blues, subtle nuances of whites to powerful blacks.
Working mainly in oils but also in acrylics, Carole Jury likes to play with materials to express herself.

“A painting needs to be made one’s own.
It’s a kind of secret space where everyone
can find one’s own personal refuge. Through
painting, I feel anything is possible...The viewer
can imagine anything and everything he wants.”
It is this unobtrusive, yet fascinating quality of Carole’s abstractions that makes them so suitable to any interior space, whether private or public.


Her modern approach and love for design has led her to study at New York Design institut.

She is represented by galleries based in the USA,
France, Italy and is exhibited in major art fairs as
Scope, Aqua Art Miami, Affordable Art Fair, Art on paper, Art World Dubaï, Art San Francisco...

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More about Carole:

Insta.: carole.jury

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