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Stéphane Gautier

Stéphane Gautier is a pop visual artist specialized in Happy Pop art.


The artist began his journey through the universal lands of recollection and memory with the most obvious, most narrative and most mythical representation of childhood as a guide: a bear. An object of total love from teddy bears to gummy bears. However, the artist wanted to push “his regressive plantigrade experience” to the limit.

Stéphane Gautier works on connecting logos of famous brands (Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc…) with his famous Happy Bear or giving his happy bears center stage on any specific theme, just like in the art piece “Think Happy” and “Happy Manga”.

The joy, the wit, the humour, the overall aesthetic aspect of his artworks conquered Evart Gallery and we are really proud to introduce Stéphane to the Singapore viewers and collectors.

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More about Stéphane Gautier:

Insta.: stephanegautierartist

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