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Gabriel Dufourcq

Building a dialogue between History and Iconography, to reveal a snapshot of it in his works, is at the heart of Gabriel's artistic approach. By making historic news reports and prominent icons respond to each other in a mirroring set up, he works towards a modernized resurrection of iconic images of the past inviting the public to question how our contemporary icons are constructed.

A curious and insatiable explorer, Gabriel looks to daily life for textures, tints and techniques for his paintings. He weaves original archives into his work, with some documents dating back to the 17th century to understand the subtleties and fragilities of these historical documents that have weathered centuries. Faithful to the Pop principle challenging the uniqueness of art, Gabriel creates each unpublished archival composition to form part of a series of works.

An aesthete by education, but a self-taught artist, Gabriel was inspired in his youth by his encounter with the Dadaist spirit, from Picabia to Man Ray. Impressed by the photographs of Weegee and Yousuf Karsh, and the work of Jasper Johnes, he sees in the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke, and his creative injunction, the alpha of his artistic practice.


After a nomadic youth between Italy, France and the Middle East, Gabriel has been in Singapore for 11 years.

More on Gabriel:

Instagram: gabrielsg_art

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