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Aude Gooly

Since her childhood, Aude has been enriched by numerous travels, constantly discovering new countries, landscapes, atmospheres, sensations, impressions that have strongly nourished her imagination and creativity. She has always navigated between real travels and fantasised ones. As a child and teenager, Aude created comics in order to tell fabulous stories through an abundance of drawings and multicultural characters who have always remained her paper friends. The desire to paint imposed itself on Aude at an early age. It was a real necessity to question and express herself on subjects such as origins, roots, cultural richness around the world, the spiritual mystery of people, or the spiritual practices of people.


For more than 20 years, Aude has had numerous exhibitions in Mauritius, Paris, Tahiti and Singapore where she lived for 11 years. She moved last year to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


The "Swimming pool" series is about this special place of well being, introspection, and calm where you can relax in a refined, elegant and refreshing decor.

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