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ANTON (Véronique Paquereau)

Born into a family of printmakers in the region of Brittany in France, Véronique develops a very personal approach imbued with printing and reproduction methods for the sole purpose of creating her own universe - poetic, melancholic, soft, romantic.

Véronique uses acrylic paint, oil, pastel, watercolour, gouache, collages, on different media such as canvas and wood, and also in different formats: round, rectangular, square, large and also "miniature".

These palettes of colours, supports and formats and the use of very mixed artistic techniques allow Véronique to give a special place to the texture of her works: the mixture of materials, the touch and the feeling are essential to the artist. She places the human being at the center of her paintings, telling personal stories, states of mind, feelings, emotions... simply life ...

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